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The stories in the Duzi Bugs Blue level are longer and slightly more complex. Each book still has a specific phonic focus to reinforce and consolidate phonic knowledge. The stories use many different characters and even though the primary focus is reading using phonics, the books also cover aspects of social and emotional development, Life Skills, Natural Sciences, as well as traditional stories and reading for fun.

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Blue Level : Intermediate readers Levels 1-8

Consisting of forty beautifully illustrated books, divided into eight levels (five per level), Blue Level is the perfect next step whether or not your children used Red Level.

There are worksheets and support material for every level, including art ideas, games and flashcards. Use the worksheets in this book to assist in learning and teaching.

Each book is also available individually

Inside the books : Level 1 - 8

Duzi Bugs Inside 1

Level 1

Duzi Bugs Inside 2

Level 2

Duzi Bugs Inside 3

Level 3

Duzi Bugs Inside 4

Level 4

Duzi Bugs Inside 5

Level 5

Duzi Bugs Inside 6

Level 6

Duzi Bugs Inside 7

Level 7

Duzi Bugs Inside 8

Level 8

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Teacher's Guide CD : With Every Set

This easy to use Teacher's Guide is filled with printables such as: Worksheets, Games, Song and Rhymes, Full Colour Alphabet Frieze, Full Colour Counting Frieze, Flash Cards, Word Assessments, Creative Work.

Here are some examples of the Teacher Guide's printable content:

Alphabet Frieze

Alphabet Frieze

Counting Frieze

Counting Frieze

Flash Cards

Flash Cards





Songs and Rhymes

Songs and Rhymes



Creative work

Creative Work


The set is made up of forty A5 readers and a FREE Teacher's Guide CD.

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